We help our clients make transactional and informational digital products — like websites, apps and kiosks — that their users find really simple to use and help fulfil our clients’ business goals.

We blend the skills of customer/user research, requirements analysis, user experience design, and testing and evaluation into a unified approach that enables us to design, and then optimise, the user experience (UX) of highly effective digital products.

Our Work

We’ve worked with organisations from the public, private and third sectors.

We helped the London Borough of Camden bring its services online, achieving significant channel shift, cost savings, and sky-high customer satisfaction scores.

We helped the World Gold Council redesign its website to improve how its users find and use its valuable, market-making content.

And, we helped charity Kick It Out prove the value of launching an app that allows users to report incidents of discrimination, which led to a significant increase in reported events, and heightened exposure for its cause.

Contact us if you feel we could bring similar benefits to you.

Our Approach

We learnt years ago that it’s impossible to design great user experiences by simply focusing on user experience design (UX).

Our approach starts with customer/user research, where we learn as much as we can about their needs and motivations, the tasks they will want to complete, and the systems within which they have to work. Our aim is to develop understanding of, and empathy for, the user.

We then move to requirements analysis, understanding in detail the requirements of the product’s users. We also elicit our client’s requirements, and seek the optimum balance between the two sets of needs. It’s an approach that ensures that user needs are met by client capability.

Then, we move on to user experience design. With personas developed from our research, and a good understanding of their requirements, we can design a user experience that truly meets the needs of users.

Yet, we don’t fall into the trap of thinking that at this stage we know it all. As soon as possible, we put a prototype of our UX through a testing and evaluation stage with real users to understand how our design needs to be optimised for use in the real world.

Only then do we pass on our designs to our client’s visual designers and developers, with whom we work closely, utilising their expertise to further enhance the user experience.

We carry on testing and evaluating the product even after launch, so that we can continuously improve the user experience through the lifetime of the product.

Contact us if you feel that this is an approach that would benefit your product and its users.


Our Approach

Our Approach